Metal Fabrication

Architectural Metal Fabrication

Introduction to Architectural Metal Fabrication

Architectural metal fabrication refers to the process of fabricating metal products which are used at a later stage for architectural purposes. In the past and especially in the underdeveloped countries, homes and different types of buildings used to be constructed without the use of any metal components. Nowadays however, things are much different. For many years now, metal has been one of the most important parts of any building, mainly because of its amazing physical characteristics. Many kinds of metal, like iron and steel, are used in modern architecture because they are reliable and strong, and some other kinds of metal are used because of their lightness, like aluminium for instance. Any modern and even not so modern building we see today was constructed with extensive use of metal products.

Architectural Metal Fabrication

Architectural Metal Fabrication – Not Only Buildings

When talking about architectural metal fabrication, it is important to mention that it does not only refer to buildings, but also to any other structure made out of metal, such as gates, fences and many other things we see and use in our everyday lives. Today, anything can be made out of metal by using modern and sophisticated metal fabrication machinery. Therefore, architects use this fact to come up with great looking things for every home or any other building, and all of these things are made out of metal components – either partly or sometimes even completely.

Architectural Metal Fabrication – Companies in the UK

There are a great number of companies situated in the UK that offer different kinds of architectural metal fabrication services to their clients. Some of these companies even offer the services of designing the product for their clients and fabricating it out of any type of metal their clients wish. The most common types of metal used in architectural metal fabrication are stainless steel and aluminium, and these two types are generally used very often in any type of metal fabrication. Here is a list of some companies in the UK which offer the services of architectural metal fabrication:

  • Metaltech UK – a company with 30 years of experience in the metal fabrication industry, they offer an array of different metal fabrication services. Their services include architectural metalwork, stainless steel fabrication, aluminium fabrication, feature staircases fabrication and the services of designing and building metal structures and components.
  • Shelley Engineering – a company based in Surrey with a lot of experience in metalworking. They offer many different metal fabrication services including metal laser cutting and profiling, installation services, CNC bending and punching, architectural metal fabrication and design, metal fabrication and welding and many other high quality services.

When people need to choose a company dealing with architectural metal fabrication, it is important that they take their time and do some research in order to find a reputable company. Namely, all the companies available will claim that they offer the best prices and great services, but in order to find a good company, people are advised to get free quotes and references from several companies and determine which of the companies suits their needs best.

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