Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication Industry

Introduction to Metal Fabrication Industry

Metal fabrication industry has always been an important industry, but it has today become more important than it ever before. The purpose of the metal fabrication industry is to produce numerous different types of metal objects that are used either as finished products or as parts of other machines and systems. Therefore, it is not difficult to see how important this industry is in today's world, where different kinds of metal objects can be found everywhere we might look for them. When we try to imagine a world without any objects made out of metal, we see that this kind of a world can never be a reality.

Metal Fabrication Industry

Metal Fabrication Industry – Man and Machine Working Together

Metal fabrication industry is one of the best examples of a modern industry and of the importance of cooperation between man and machine. As a rule, regardless of the fact how modern and advanced metal fabrication machines and tools get, they can never give any results without human intelligence. On the other hand, human intelligence alone can never be enough to produce some of the sophisticated metal products there are in the world today. Therefore, in order for the metal fabrication industry to be a successful and efficient one, man and machine have to work together because both of these factors are equally important parts of the equation.

Metal Fabrication Industry – The Processes Involved in the Production of Metal

There are many different processes involved in the metal fabrication industry. The whole process of making a finished product from raw material takes a lot of time and effort and there are many different, but equally important stages of the process. The whole process starts with determining which type of metal is going to be used for the making of the finished product and preparing the raw material. Types of metal may include steel, aluminium, iron, copper and many other metals and alloys. After this is done, the next stage includes cutting the raw material into the required size and burning them.

There are a great number of different machines and tools used during this process, the most common of which are metal shears and plasma or laser cutters, depending on the type of metal in question. After this stage, the metal is shaped or formed using hydraulic brake machinery. There is an array of diverse shapes a metal can be formed into, depending on the purpose of the finished product. One of the most common is sheet metal, which is metal cut and shaped into thin sheets. This is used for many different purposes such as tubes, pipes, ductworks and so on.

The last stage of the metal fabrication process is welding. To put it in simple words, welding is the burning of the edges of a product in order for it to be made one with another piece of metal. After all the above mentioned stages are over, the finished product can pass the final inspection and the process of metal fabrication is finally over.

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