Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication Products

Introduction to Metal Fabrication Products

Metal fabrication products are present in just about every kind of consumer and commercial manufacturing component. Consider the construction industry alone which uses a large percentage of metal fabrication products for metal framing in beams, walls, screws and nuts used for fastenings, mesh subflooring for concrete preparation and limitless other applications supplying contractors with vital components for a multitude of uses.

Metal Fabrication Products

Metal Fabrication Product Fastenings

One of the most frequently produced and in demand metal fabrication products is for industrial fastenings. A fastening is any type of screw, nut or nail which can be manufactured to custom specifications depending on the industry and requirements. Under the same category of fasteners are washers and rivets.

The quality of fasteners used is highly regulated and subject to ISO standards of manufacturing in order to be used in most countries. Companies who specialise in metal fabrication products such as fasteners are challenged with engineering and maintaining the utmost in quality control to ensure that all components used in the manufacturing of second or third party goods will be sound.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Products

More complex components such as brackets, bushings, hinges, latches and knobs are typically created by a hot stamp process where individual parts of the component are stamped and then welded together to create the desired product. Flat sheet metal fabrication is also used for fire retardant products such as duct work and furnace construction panels. Sheet metal can be sold itself as a raw material for manufacturing and also to companies that specialise in the production of more complicated sheet metal products.

Cable and Threading Metal Fabrication Products

Some metal fabrication products are diverted to the production of fibre optics products. As energy costs continue to rise a new market for fibre optic lighting has emerged for use in the retail sector in displays and product cabinetry. Fibre optic lighting generates an effective amount of display lighting at a fraction of the cost of higher watt lighting options. This is an environmentally friendly use for metal fabrication products.

Engineered bridges require specialised cables and hardware that are tempered to withstand weight over long periods of time. The approximate life span of a bridge is fifty years and as new bridges are built to replace the old infrastructure, advances in engineering technology allow for the use of metal fabrication products in innovative manners.

Automobile Manufacturing Metal Fabrication Products

One of the largest purchasers of metal fabrication products is for use in automotive production. From the chassis to the frame of the vehicle, doors and undercarriage and virtually every metal component, fastener and detail is built from metal fabrication products. In 2009 alone there were over 51 million new automobiles produced in the world.

Metal fabrication products provide the key components for manufacturing, construction and technology and are present in virtually every environment. While specialists exist for certain products it is a dynamic and growing industry, full of opportunity and limited only by the imagination of creative engineers and designers who continue to forge new uses and applications for the extremely versatile raw material.

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