Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication Schools

Introduction to Metal Fabrication Schools

Given the limitless application of fabrication in a variety of business and creative sectors, the metal fabrication trade is one that is highly sought after in Great Britain. Metal fabrication schools are widely available across the country teaching the fundamentals of the trade, with some schools teaching more specialised programs for individuals looking to enter the profession as trade specialists in specific skill areas.

Metal Fabrication Schools

Prior to the workers enrolment in any trade metal fabrication schools the typical candidate will require a minimum of five GCSE's. Post-secondary education is not required unless the individual intends to offer CAD design services as well, which require special training and a qualified engineering background. However for an individual keen on pursuing the basic trade, it can be a fairly quick route to becoming successfully employed within a growing industry.

Metal Fabrication Schools in the UK

Metal fabrication schools in the UK are available and offer certification courses that can for the most part accommodate both daytime and evening studies which allow full time employed individuals to return for adult retraining on a part time basis. Welding certification can be acquired through metal fabrication schools with a combined apprenticeship program. Certification through a variety of trade recognised professional institutions is helpful when attempting to enter the field, however training takes place "on the job" and after a period of as little as 1-5 years of service a tradesman can be deemed to be qualified in the metal fabrication trade and be in high demand.

Havering College is located on six different campuses in Essex. The institution offers many fabrication and welding certification courses including 'Welding and Light Metalwork' and 'Level 2 Apprenticeships in Fabrication and Welding'. As a highly trade focused institution, Havering College is designed to accommodate the returning adult student in continuing education which is typical of most metal fabrication schools.

Hammersmith And Fulham Adult Learning And Skills Service in London also offers certification courses and is one of the most highly recommended metal fabrication schools. Full time course fees begin at £288 for 'Welding and Light Metalwork' and a variety of different individual courses are available. Prior to enrolment in any course at Hammersmith and Fulham Adult Learning and Skills Service in London an academic interview is required to ascertain level of expertise and the objectives of the student in the program area. Courses are offered at four class sites throughout London metropolitan.

Included in some of the more reputable metal fabrication schools is Richmond Upon Thames College which offers a comprehensive beginners course in "Fabrication and Welding" on a part time basis which is ideal for the returning adult student who is full time employed.

In an ever changing and challenging economy it is likely that most individuals will find the need to return to school for retraining in a profession which allows for growth and opportunity. Metal fabrication schools offer a fast way to enter a new trade field which is highly lucrative and easily accessible for new skills development.

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