Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication UK

Introduction to Metal Fabrication UK

The metal fabrication UK industry has witnessed a resurgence of demand for qualified metal workers in response to increased repurposing of residential and commercial spaces. While there has been a reduction in new construction projects industry wise, the renovation of existing spaces is on the up. This trend creates the opportunity for older units to be retrofitted with new ductwork, heating and air conditioning, drainage and sewer fittings which all require metal fabrication UK products.

Metal Fabrication UK

A well trained metal fabricator can earn his or her trade certification relatively quickly. The pre-requisite education required to enter certification training in the trade is simply a high school level diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Metal fabrication UK as a trade offers many different employment opportunities for a qualified technician:

Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal installers might be employed in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installation. This requires the cutting, bending and forming of sheet metal for duct work in residential or commercial buildings and is in high demand for metal fabrication UK in light of the increased demand for renovation projects.

Tool and Die Makers

Tool and die makers are in demand in the manufacturing sector and a specialist in this field requires knowledge of stamping presses and related machinery, the fundamentals of pneumatics and hydraulics. Experience is generally required to interpret blue prints and/or exposure or trade familiarity with AutoCAD programs.


In response to high demand in the renovation industry, boilermakers remain in great demand for metal fabrication UK. These trained professionals manipulate sheet metal to build boilers and piping, re-piping and re-tubing for commercial and residential projects. A complicated series of weld procedures is required to be used by boilermakers who are responsible for ensuring that the welded components are capable of withstanding expansion (due to heat) or pressure. Re-purposed residential and commercial properties are typically retrofitted with new pipes and pressured hot water tanks.

Metal Fitters

Tasks for a metal fabrication UK metal fitter may include cutting, threading, bending and installing hydraulic and pneumatic pipes, the reading of detailed blueprints for the machining and production of specialty fittings and much more. Metal fitters are also challenged with fitting fabricated metal parts into products and assembling metal subassemblies.

Metal Machinist

Also known as a CNC Programmer and operator, the tradesman is required to program and operate CNC turning machinery and CNC milling machines in the production of metal worked components. This also involves the creation of jigs and fixtures, and general equipment maintenance.

Regardless of the specific area of specialty, an individual who is certified and trained in the trade of metal fabrication UK is guaranteed to be highly sought after. Alternatively many tradesmen have the opportunity to be recruited by other countries such as Australia who are severely lacking in skilled technical trades and willing to assist individuals to relocate where demand is even higher. In an adverse economy it is wise to retrain for an industry that offers long term demand such as metal fabrication UK.

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