Metal Fabrication

Steel Metal Fabrication

Introduction to Steel Metal Fabrication

Steel metal fabrication is one of the most important parts of the modern metal industry, as steel is probably the most commonly used type of metal today. Steel metal fabrication is used in many different industries and for producing finished products that are later used for a number of different purposes. For example, steel is used in buildings, in the automotive industry, in production of commercial goods and so on. Therefore, it is easy to conclude how important steel metal fabrication is today and how it affects our everyday lives without people even noticing it. Knowing how extensive the use of steel in the metal industry is, it is no wonder that there are so many companies in this line of business.

Steel Metal Fabrication

Steel Metal Fabrication and Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of fabricating thin sheets of metal which are used for many different purposes. These thin sheets of metal can be made out of many different types of metals including steel. The truth is that steel is the most commonly used type of metal when it comes to sheet metal fabrication. There are many different types of sheet metal fabrication machines, and each of these types is used for a different kind of metal. The process of fabricating steel metal sheets is much the same as the process of fabricating sheet metal from any other type of metal, with the only difference being the type of machinery. Namely, not every sheet metal fabrication machine can work with steel, because of its special characteristics.

Steel Metal Fabrication – The Process of Fabricating Steel Sheets

The process of fabricating steel sheets is very similar to the process of fabricating sheets out of any other type of metal. This process can be divided into several different stages:

  • Designing and preparation – first there has to be a design, meaning the drawing, before any work with the metal can begin. When the metal workers know what is expected of them, they can start preparing the steel and make it suitable for the next stage of the process.
  • Cutting, shearing, bending, punching – this is the second stage of the steel sheet fabricating process, and it is basically everything the metal workers do in order to model the steel sheets into the required form. During this stage, the material, steel in this case is shaped and bended, any holes needed are made and it gets ready for the final stage of the process.
  • Welding – welding is the final stage of the process of fabricating steel sheets, although there are cases when this stage is not needed. The welding is done in order to put the shaped pieces of steel sheets together and get the finished product.

Each of these stages is equally important and there is always a possibility of accidents and mistakes happening. Therefore, it is very important that the metal workers who are in charge of the process are experienced and careful, in order for any potential accidents and mistakes to be avoided.

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